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Education in Extraordinary Times

'The Education Sector after Trump, Brexit and Christchurch: Hosted by the Europe Institute at the University of Auckland, featuring Prof. John Morgan (Education), Prof. Elizabeth Rata (Education), Dr Claire Meehan (Sociology). Recorded...

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A little compassion in an age of bullying

By Mike Webster - The University of Auckland's Dr Mike Webster takes a look at a slightly different approach to school and workplace bullying In the days that followed World Compassion Day last week, I couldn’t help but think about the increasing problem of...

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Expanding End-of-Life Choice in New Zealand

By Justin Alsleben - Many people who are terminally ill, or otherwise suffer from serious and irremediable medical conditions, face prolonged and acute suffering at the end of their lives. These medical patients may experience a deteriorated quality of life because...

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Some myths about NZ superannuation

By Susan St John - 'Let’s not mindlessly raise the age, argues Susan St John, but try to solve actual problems ordinary people face' Recently a prominent New Zealand weekly magazine ran the story “Fresh moves to raise the age of super to 67”. Yet the Labour-led...

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Equal pay starts with transparency

By Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy - If everyone knows what their peers are getting paid, it is much harder for women to remain underpaid relative to their male colleagues, argues the University of Auckland's Dr Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy Mary* first learned that her colleague...

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Melinda Webber: Ethnic ‘mixedness’ on the rise

As ethnic 'mixedness' is on the rise, the message is that individuals must find their own way to become, be, and belong, writes Melinda Webber.  The number of people who identify having multiple ethnicities is increasing, both in New Zealand and internationally....

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