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NZ-Pacific bubble should come first

Dr Collin Tukuitonga Dr Collin Tukuitonga is the inaugural Associate Dean Pacific at the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. *Originally published in Newsroom. Republished with permission. Quarantine-free travel between NZ and Pacific...

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What the Budget means for women

The Budget's investment in physical infrastructure is necessary for economic recovery, but it must be recognised that the number of women in those jobs is much lower than in social infrastructure like heath services and education. The Government should consider...

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One thing we can’t afford to lose

By John Mohan - As the ripple effects of Covid-19 continue to put livelihoods on the line and a recession seems inevitable, the fate of organisations that largely survive on donations and volunteers is precarious. Current severe restrictions on movement mean the...

COVID-19Policy Commons Blog

Let’s get the policies right this time

By Susan St John - When we rethink our economy and how we support citizens, we must end the 19th Century bias against those in relationships, writes the University of Auckland's Susan St John It is vital that all new welfare policies to cushion the Covid-19...

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The politics of the Covid-19 relief package

The University of Auckland's Jennifer Curtin takes a look at what the political implications of Tuesday's Covid-19 relief package might be The Government’s $12.1 billion package to alleviate the far-reaching effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is aimed at spreading...

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The NZ Super Fund’s ‘magical’ thinking

By Susan St John - By underfunding investment in the young we've been able to create budget surpluses to be siphoned into the NZ Super Fund at the current rate of nearly $2.5b a year. This has some serious impacts for a lot of families, writes Susan St John. ...

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