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View Covid-19 through a different policy lens

By Jess Berentson Shaw - The economy will be okay if we focus on what matters in our decision making: caring for each other, writes Jess Berentson-Shaw It doesn't make too much difference whether it is an economic recession, climate change or a pandemic, the...

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The politics of the Covid-19 relief package

The University of Auckland's Jennifer Curtin takes a look at what the political implications of Tuesday's Covid-19 relief package might be The Government’s $12.1 billion package to alleviate the far-reaching effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is aimed at spreading...

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The NZ Super Fund’s ‘magical’ thinking

By Susan St John - By underfunding investment in the young we've been able to create budget surpluses to be siphoned into the NZ Super Fund at the current rate of nearly $2.5b a year. This has some serious impacts for a lot of families, writes Susan St John. ...

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Evidence-informed policymaking: does knowledge brokering work?

There is an accepted need to bridge the gap between academic research and public policy. Knowledge brokers, individuals or organisations sympathetic to both research and policymaking cultures and able to mediate between the two, represent one way of doing so. Sarah Quarmby takes a look inside a knowledge broker organisation, the Wales Centre for Public Policy, to see how its day-to-day workings tally with the body of knowledge about evidence use in policymaking.

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Cannabis legalisation and young people

By Benedikt Fischer - Have under-age children in your life? Chances are you will hold crucial decision-power in New Zealand’s upcoming referendum on cannabis legalisation **Benedikt Fischer will be speaking at a discussion panel at the University of Auckland with a...

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