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Evidence and the ‘Three Strikes’ law

By Len Cook - The ‘Three Strikes’ law exists because a majority of Members of Parliament want it, although there is no evidence which exists to justify or shape it. This is not an unusual situation, and there are many examples of legislation being weakly informed...

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A new way to fix our housing bubble

By Susan St John - Susan St John says the Government's Tax Working Group will not find real answers for the housing market, and a new kind of tax on our net housing equity is needed. To say that New Zealand has been in the grips of an extraordinary speculative...

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Sharing Economy Hurtling Ahead of NZ Laws

By Kevin Jenkins - Over the warmer months, the Otago Farmers Market has the best fresh produce in New Zealand – like Central Otago apricots the size of peaches, old-school gooseberries, and greengage plums – along with artisan products like seaweed condiments,...

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Getting Serious about Road and Tourism Congestion

By Tim Hazeldine - Queenstown is crowded right now, crowded with stranded travellers unable to get home. As of last Friday, every single seat on every single flight to Auckland was sold out, for all this week, on both airlines. For some Aucklanders forced to delay...

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Reforming Policy on Cannabis Use in New Zealand

By Tim Wu - It is just over a year since the death of Helen Kelly, former President of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, and ardent campaigner for the legalisation of medical cannabis. Despite suffering from advanced cancer, her own application to take...

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