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Centre for Supply Chain Management COVID-19 Presentations:

  • Matt Ball, Craig Sain and Reinhold Goeschel from Ports of Auckland
  • Ilan Oshri and the Impact of COVID-19 on the IT Outsourcing Industry
  • Professor Tava Olsen on Supply Chain Theory and Projections for Covid-19
  • Alan Day on COVID-19: Implementing Supplier Management at Speed
  • Mark Singh on the Impact of COVID-19 on NZ Supply Chains and Actions to Take
  • Professor Prasanna Gai on the Macroeconomics of Pandemics: This Time is Different

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Read the latest research and modelling work from Te Pūnaha Matatini

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Public Policy Institute l Te Whare Marea Tātari Kaupapa

The Public Policy Institute is hosted by the Faculty of Arts, but includes research associates from across the University of Auckland and beyond

COVID-19Policy Commons Blog

Covid-19 and clickbait

By Anne Salmond - Michael Woodhouse still can't provide evidence of his apocryphal 'homeless man' staying for free in quarantine.  Dame Anne Salmond argues the Opposition and media need to be better in throwing around such claims. It is now 12 days since the...

COVID-19Policy Commons Blog

A crisis of public spaces

Diane Brand asks what the post-pandemic city will look like and how do we adjust our concept of urbanism to accommodate it?  *Originally published in Newsroom. Republished with permission Public spaces where people are able congregate, streets, squares, parks and...

COVID-19Policy Commons Blog

What the Budget means for women

The Budget's investment in physical infrastructure is necessary for economic recovery, but it must be recognised that the number of women in those jobs is much lower than in social infrastructure like heath services and education. The Government should consider...

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