This presentation brings together research on the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) in New Zealand. It was presented by Komathi Kolandai (COMPASS & Public Policy Institute) & Martin von Randow (COMPASS) for the COMPASS Colloquium, Wellington, 25 October 2022. The presentation provides an overview of the ISSP – a continuing annual cross-national research collaboration in which New Zealand has participated since 1991 – and illustrates cross-time and cross-country trends on selected variables while discussing future social science research implications.

COMPASS is an experienced team undertaking quantitative social science research of international standing and with policy relevance at the University of Auckland.

Martin is a Data Analyst and Manager at COMPASS and Komathi (Komie) is a Research Fellow at COMPASS and the Public Policy Institute at the University of Auckland.

You can watch a video of the presentation here and view the slides for the presentation here



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