The University of Auckland’s Public Policy Institute deputy director, Juan Tauri (Ngāti Porou), comments on the proposed firearms protection order and anti-gang legislation in this article by Laura Walters on In the article, Tauri speaks to the failure of such laws to help people and reduce crime in the face of root issues like social deprivation.

While previous attempts at introducing firearms protection order bills (FPOs) have been axed due to the lack of change they could bring about without wider firearms law reform, the Labour government recently introduced a bill to bring about FPO powers to police. Walters’s explainer piece highlights recent observations and reports underscoring the lack of evidence FPOs help reduce violent crime, taking comment from Tauri, who states social deprivation lies at the heart of this issue, much like it has in the past when other panicked laws have been tabled.

Read the article on Stuff here.

‘The life and times of anti-gang firearm prohibition orders’ was published on on 22 June 2022.

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