Associate Professor Neal Curtis

Thursday, 06 May 2021,


You are invited to attend the seminar via Zoom or join us in person at the Public Policy Institute (10 Grafton Road), Room G01
Zoom Meeting ID 947 1277 3226 Passcode 930856

In the age of Brexit and Donald Trump, the radical right has gained significant popularity, characterized by a rhetoric of xenophobia, discrimination and “hate speech” This book examines why the politics of hate and ideologies of the far right are on the rise and argues that to counter it we must challenge the sense of social and economic precarity this politics feeds off.

Hate in Precarious Times examines five distinct types of precarity, covering threats to a particular way of life fear of apocalyptic terrorism the insecurity of austerity, and low waged jobs in the wake of the Financial Crisis challenges to privilege and the spread of disinformation in a “post truth” age In this book, Neal Curtis seeks the root of what causes ordinary people to identify with far right ideologies and asks what can be done to counter the conditions underpinning this.

Dr Curtis is a comics scholar and critical theorist with quite wide ranging interests Outside of comics these include political theory, media theory and the philosophy of technology He has written multiple books Against Autonomy 2001 War and Social Theory 2006 Idiotism Capitalism and the Privatization of Life 2013 and Sovereignty and Superheroes 2016 He is currently working on a new project reading superheroes through assemblage and actor network theory.

Co-hosted by Sociology and the Public Policy Institute.

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