The 2020 referendum on cannabis legalisation is a historical decision that will lock in New Zealand’s approach to cannabis for years to come. Many people have told us they are looking for balanced information on the different cannabis law reform options, including how different reforms have worked out overseas.

To provide this information, cannabis policy researchers at Massey University (Associate Professor Chris Wilkins and Dr. Marta Rychert) are bringing five leading international experts from the United States, Uruguay, Europe, Australia and Canada to speak about the cannabis reforms enacted in their countries in a series of public lectures. The Public Policy Institute partnered with Massey to bring these speakers to Auckland, and the recordings from the presentations as well as additional resources are now available.

Who are the international experts?

Professor Beau Kilmer
RAND Corporation Drug Policy Research Center, United States

Kilmer 2019 – ‘How will cannabis legalization affect health, safety, and social equity outcomes? It largely depends on the 14 Ps’ (PDF)

Kilmer 2017 – ‘Recreational cannabis – Minimizing the Health Risks from Legalization’ (PDF)

Associate Professor Rosario Queirolo
Catholic University of Uruguay, Latin American Marijuana Research Initiative
Professor Simon Lenton
National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University, Australia
Professor Tom Decorte
Ghent University, Belgium
Professor Benedikt Fischer
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada; now with Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland
Dr Marta Rychert
Massey University, Auckland

Recorded 17 October 2019. All rights reserved.



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