‘The Education Sector after Trump, Brexit and Christchurch:

Hosted by the Europe Institute at the University of Auckland, featuring Prof. John Morgan (Education), Prof. Elizabeth Rata (Education), Dr Claire Meehan (Sociology).

Recorded Monday 8 April 2019.

There is a sense that we are living in extraordinary times, amidst a groundswell of populism. First came Brexit (and the ongoing confusion), followed almost immediately by Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. In Europe there is little room for complacency, with recent elections in a number of countries showing increased support for right-wing parties. The 2019 European elections will be a testing ground. In 2014, against the backdrop of a financial crisis and worries over immigration, Eurosceptic, populist and far Right parties won a record 52 seats, an increase of 15 on 2009. Added to this mix are complexities around sexual behaviour symbolised by the #metoo movement, and even in New Zealand, the recent attacks in Christchurch.

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